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All of our dentists and hygienists keep up with far exceed the minimum Continuing Education requirements for annual registration and certification.

Our clinical equipment is state of the art and facilitates fast and accurate diagnostic protocols.

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Periodontics and Prevention

Good dental health and proper dental care starts with the effective management of the oral biofilm. Ideally, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you do before going to sleep at night is to clean your teeth and oral tissues. The first part of our examinations and discussions with you are centred on the condition of your teeth, tissues and biofilm and if appropriate, how we can help you more effectively manage and maintain optimal dental health. Teeth for life is no longer a lottery but a personal luxury orchestrated by your personal care and attention. We can help you.

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Restorative and Reconstructive

Our dentists are trained in the use of a wide variety of dental materials. Whether your requirements are the restoration of a single tooth or the scenario of an ‘extreme makeover’ you will be guided through the cosmetic and technical factors to achieve your desired outcome. The dentists keep themselves current in the procedures of periodontic, restorative, reconstructive, cosmetic and endodontic procedures. Mr. Harris has a special interest in implantology.

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Early Orthopedics, Myofunction and Orthodontics

The early treatment of developing malocclusions can be beneficial to your growing child. We can discuss opportunities to mitigate the impact these will have on your growing child. Treatment opportunities are also available for the fully manifest malocclusion in the young adolescent and adult, as well as the individual suffering from Sleep Apnea brought on by occlusal, cranial and posture factors.

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Our dentists have experience in a wide variety of the common dental and soft tissue surgical procedures and are comfortable offering these services. Where degrees of risk, degrees of difficulty or degrees of ambulation become a factor referral, as below, will be discussed and recommended.

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Orofacial Myofunctional

Nerissa is amongst New Zealand’s first dental professionals to receive training in the emerging field of Orofacial Myology (also known as Myofunctional Therapy).

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Craniofacial Pain

Left untreated, craniofacial pain can intrude upon every aspect of your life. Yet, craniofacial pain can be dramatically improved when the causes are discovered and removed.

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Sleep Disorder Treatments

For adults and children, alike, adequate, uninterrupted sleep is essential for leading a normal productive life. Are you really getting the sleep you need?

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Child Growth & Development

You may not know it, but the growth and development of your child can often be vastly improved by making subtle lifestyle changes, or correcting hidden physical problems.

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