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Straight Talk About Crooked Teeth  by S. Kent Lawson DDS, MS, Orthodontist

Video and audio interviews

The views and information presented in the following Youtube interviews and professional presentations are not necessarily those endorsed or practiced by the clinicians at Changing Faces. In particular, the practice of Orthotropics is a new and emerging field of treatment and as a consequence there is only a fragment of evidence based, peer reviewed research to satisfy codes of practice of our national governing bodies. Changing Faces does not practice Orthotropics per se as you will see in these videos but does support, endorse and practice by way of evidence based protocols many of the diagnostic and treatment concepts that you will view. There is a over abundance of information accessible through the internet and in particular You Tube. As always, some of this information is accurate, some of it is biased and self promoting, and of course some are both. We have chosen presentations by two general dentists, a pediatrician and 3 specialist orthodontists to represent the ever changing landscape of oral health. More to the point, it is our desire to help the reader understand that the orthodontic journey is far more complex than just straight teeth and in fact more often than not will involve a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment planning.   



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